Friday, March 31, 2006

While Repeating Aloud the Words...

Words of Wisdom?The Practical Mormon has been attempting to learn Aramaic. On the cheap. So we've been reading a "Learn Aramaic" site, and thought readers of a certain age might be interested in something we discovered.

Aramaic has 29 letters -- and they all have "A is for Apple" sorts of mnemonics. Three letters and their mnemonics caught our attention:

Peh -- POO-SHAAQ MI-L¡E -- dictionary/lexicon (Words)*
Lamadh -- LEE-SHAA-NAA -- tongue/language (Mouth).
Alep -- AA-SHOO-RREE -- Ashur/Assyrian God (God -- El, Allah, Eloi, Elohim all having the same root.)

Anyway, if it's interesting to you, there you go.

*Intestingly, the Hebrew word for mouth -- Peh -- has etymological reference to the Aramaic.


--The Practical Mormon

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