Sunday, May 01, 2005

Measure for Measure

DP at asks a good question: "How do we measure our personal spirituality?" Here to save the day is The Practical Mormon, cape askew, hair windblown. The measure of personal spirituality -- and the key to knowing one is headed for the Celestial Kingdom -- is this: Are you having spiritual experiences?

If we accept the premise of 1 Nephi 33-34, and of Alma 11:37, which is that no unclean thing can enter the kingdom of God, and the premise of Alma 7:21, which is that the Spirit does not dwell in unholy temples, then the measure of personal spirituality is certain. If you're having spiritual experiences, your personal spirituality is acceptable to the Lord. And you're on track to dwell in the Celestial Kingdom.

If you're NOT having spiritual experiences, you need to clean up your life so as to allow the Spirit to dwell with you again.

Specific enough? Measurable enough? Yup. Now put away your Franklin Planner.

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